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Classic Memorable Custom Name Necklace—Our Bar Necklace has always been a favorite among our customers. Best thing about it? It’s hand-stamped and customizable so when we wanted to create something that captured memories, we went straight to this oldie but goodie. Our Roman Numeral Bar Stamped Necklace can be engraved with any date—how great for Initiation?

Plating chain is accompanied by a stainless steel engraved disc that measures approximately 1 1/4 inches across. The total length of the piece is 18 inches. The pendant is engraved with 2 initials and a plus sign off to the right. If you prefer a word or name instead or prefer it to be centered or to the left, it can be customized. Let me know in the notes at checkout.

The popularity of handstamped bar necklaces and other jewelry grew in past years, and now it seems the trend is here for good. There are a ton of ways to rock this trend, earrings, rings and more. Find handstamped pieces from Name Necklace, that inspire you Find earrings at Name Necklace.

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