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Lady’s Necklace

Duke of Borko is the son of the Duchess of the Duchess of Lesheque Biave and the Duchess of Geshe. Princess called gold, is the one that of the Hungarian king in Bella IV.

The princess was placed in a remote place where he separated from the mountains, and lived in the princely and wealthy country of the azure river. Where crops and sweet grapes grow, with this grape to ensure that the world famous wine. Hungarian land contains gold Silver, precious rock salt, than the salt from the sea boiled salt more white, it gives a variety of dishes to add taste.

The in the winter, outside the moonlight all coated with snow and ice, and in the palace, in the spacious room is the fire. In front of the fireplace, the Duke of Borko sat on a stump of trees and trees, looking at the Not far from his place, the two distinguished ladies sat in a comfortable chair with carved backs. They are carrying a long skirt, head covered with soft white scarf, scarf draped to the shoulder, like a box to accommodate their faces. Their forehead is having a slender. They are wearing Custom Name Necklace.These Name Necklace are the most famous crafts of gold and silver jewelers.

In order to demonstrate the status of the two ladies of the royal family, they are wearing the same gorgeous ring, and both hands are busy. Among them, one is spinning fine wool and the other is embroidered. The two ladies are busy with their Own the work, did not speak. Or the Duke of Borko’s sister, the black eyes of the Duke of Shaluo Mei first opened the mouth. She came to visit the duchess of the mother of Gemi Misawa, but also to introduce her to the Hungarian princess To talk about her beauty, kindness and wisdom.

Name Necklace

Maggie’s gift” tells the true meaning of love. A pair of life-bound little husband and wife in the Christmas comes, both sides have carefully prepared an unusual gift, her husband Jim in order to give his wife’s hair with a comb, sold his gold watch, bought a comb , His wife Dela for her husband’s gold table to sell their own hair, bought a bracelet, when they each gift, only to find their own prepared gift is not the other needs, it is not true, they get more than the comb and bracelet Precious gift – love.

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A Necklace Story

Looking at the beads scattered, Anne’s heart passing a trace of anxiety and anxiety, she slowly bent down picking up, passed like a movie from the heart flashed…

This is an agate Custom Name Necklace, a few years ago Awen gave her. Although it was not worth a little money, from a Taidalielie by hand to send out, or very worth moving, and she belongs to that unconsciously touched the girl.

It was they just will know soon, that day Awen secretly to visit her, in her house, Ah Wen hand this necklace worn on her neck. Whole body translucent texture of the cold beads shiny brown red light, places it on the moment people will have a wish to calm down the illusion. After that, this necklace has become her favorite. Every summer, she will appear on her neck on time, that cold feeling is so comfortable, that he gave her the only token, is her baby her dream and hope…

The beads were picked up by one by one, scattered in the palm of the hand, looking at them her heart was once again tangled together … is a necklace achievements of their romance, strung their marriage, but now this The symbol of love chain is broken, does this mean that their marriage has come to an end …

Think of this, she could not help but sighed, the first time wearing a necklace when the feeling is so clear, but their love has a flaw … she remembered the mother’s words: “He seems to be a prodigal son, do not live, You are not together. ” When she was once very confident, how firm. And now, in the face of difficulties she can do not possess the capacity to touch the spirit. Be it that a bunch of beads of love that could not stand the wind and rain? Think they have been immersed in their dreams?

To know, because that string of agate infiltration. That year’s summer her heart was like honey was so sweet. “Or the necklace back to him.” Listen to the mother said this sentence, her hands are holding the Name Necklace, but she did get through with the mother’s words. They are so painful love… until the ending into the wedding scene.

Marriage is pragmatic, life is cruel when the romantic encounter trivial, when love becomes a habit, they began to have a gap between. Love is hard, spend more difficult, it is positioned in front of their problems. “If you cannot go on, you can leave at any time.” This is Alvin Pro out of the message when they do not give a fuck, this sentence like an awl like her piercing – is it really so gives up? No, no. She shook her with pain. Tears dripping down the palm of your hand, wetting the dark red beads… she took the red silk rope, and she was going to string them up…

Custom Bar Necklace

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What’s mean with necklace?


Alice is a charming woman. Her husband is only an ordinary small staff. Although her low status, but fascination with aristocratic luxury living, in order to attend a grand party with her husband accumulated at 300 francs a dress, but also a string of stunning necklace borrowed from a friend there. In the minister’s party, Alice with her superior style out of the limelight, her vanity was thus fully satisfied, but she even borrowed the necklace lost, in this case, she only conceals the friends, slowly to compensation.

Since then, the couple spent 8 years of frugal life. In this unmanageable accumulation process, Alice hand becomes rough. The face is also aging. Later, she accidentally learned that she lost the Custom Name Necklace but a minimum price of artificial diamond Name Necklace, and her compensation is a real diamond necklace. In this way Alice worked hard for 8 years.

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The origin of necklace

Ornament is set at one ornament that is worn on the neck. In the aristocratic living conditions of the primitive society, the human neck is the place where hunting and hunting hangs, and later invented the pole, baskets and the like, the neck is rarely used to work, but in order to show their strong and capable and rewarding , People will use the booty – animal bones, animal teeth decorated their own neck.

Therefore, the item is the earliest Custom Name Necklace. On the Zhoukoudian Beijing ape site, archaeologists have started a lot of beating and drilling and dyed red string of neck ornaments. In 1968 in Beijing Mentougou East Hu village had the early Neolithic tomb ornaments. In a girl’s remains, Name Necklace makes a string of tiny snail shell made of necklace.

The attention necklace with clothes

A wide range of Custom Name Necklace, rich shape, with a compelling decorative. For all kinds of necklaces for proper wear can play a long and short role in the modification. When wearing a necklace, should pay attention to the following aspects, so for your superb extra points, more self-confidence!

1,Necklace with clothes

Necklace and clothing should be achieved harmony and echo. Such as: When wearing a soft, elegant silk dress, wearing exquisite, fine Name Necklace, looks more beautiful and moving.

2,Necklace and clothing color

The color of the necklace should be in contrast to the color of the garment in contrast to the color of the garment. Such as: monochrome or plain clothing, wearing a brightly colored necklace, jewelry can be more eye-catching, decorated in the jewelry, the clothing color is also rich. Colorful clothing, wearing simple and simple necklace, will not be submerged by the colorful clothing, and can make a sense of balance of clothing color.

3,Several jewelry to coordinate with each other

Necklace and the same color, with the same earrings or bracelets with wear, so you can receive the best results. If the coat is two often beaten into a bow, it is best not to wear a necklace, otherwise there will be cumbersome.

What is the function of the necklace?

Necklace is one of the body’s decorations, is the earliest appearance of jewelry. Necklaces in addition to decorative functions, some Name Necklace also have a special display, such as the Catholic cross chain and Buddhist beads.

Among them, bar necklace fineness of three; Platinum, Gold, Rose gold. Custom Name Necklace can be set in diamonds, rubies, sapphires, emeralds and other high-pole materials. Bar necklace is more decorative than gold and silver necklace. Color change is also more abundant, especially young people love.

Since ancient times, people in order to beautify the body itself, but also beautify the environment, creating a variety of different styles, different characteristics, different styles of necklaces, to meet the different skin color, with the nation, different aesthetic aesthetic needs. Here, from the material and style to present the two aspects of necklace style. In terms of materials, jewelry necklaces on the market are gold, silver, jewelry and so on several.

The world is equally popular fashion necklace, mostly made of very precious materials. Such as gold necklace, plastic, leather, glass, silk, wood, low melting alloy made of necklaces, mainly in order to match the fashion, emphasizing the novel, odd, beautiful and popular.

How do you send someone a necklace as a gift?

The meaning of the Custom Name Necklace to have a lot.. Give the elderly it is to hope that the elderly rejuvenate, live more young.. Give her mother, it is hoped that parents love to the old, health and longevity.. Give sister, it is hope Sister vibrant, young mentality is not old, love career smooth.. Send yourself, you can have a lot of reasons. Give yourself the power to give yourself comfortable, to their own happy.. Give a female friend. It is generally pure friendship.

It is best not to send the Name Necklace, easy to misunderstand.. Give his girlfriend, it is to give their own best love to be a mark, it can be said to love it.. (I personally think that send girlfriend necklace For example: Name necklace,Bar necklace,gold necklace,platinum necklace) to give his wife, this is a romantic, living in a pleasant, happy, happy, but also need a kind of called romantic The feelings of the swap.

How do you see what kind of jewelry you do not fit?

Jewelry is only the role of embellishment, used to adjust the dress, so that they have to show their temperament more in tune. The following is similar to the “Necklace to match the face. The following is the same as the ”

Confront thin and neck slender women, wearing a string of short Name Necklace, the face will not look too skinny, the neck will not look too long. The following is the same as the ”

Confront round and neck short female, it is best to wear a slender necklace, if the necklace in the middle there is a prominent large pendant, the effect will be better. The following is the same as the ”
Oval-shaped women are best to wear a medium-length Custom Name Necklace. This necklace in the neck to form an oval shapes. Can better contrast the exquisite contours of the face. Neck gorgeous women can wear a tiny necklace with a pendant, highlight the beauty of the neck.

On the choice of necklace, the price is not the right correct main factor, no matter what kind of style, and age, color, clothing with the coordination is the main. In general, the older people to choose the texture of fine, fine gold, platinum necklace as well; and young people should choose a suitable texture color, stylish contemporary necklace is better. Such as bone system, pearl necklace and so on.

How to choose a necklace based on your face?

Oval-shaped face of the MM it, the most hi skin, the so-called all kinds of styles is optional. Long oval face of the MM, it is best to choose a short section of the necklace to match.

Although the oval face with a good choice with Custom Name Necklace, but it is easy to give a kind of virtuous and lack of a certain personality beauty fashion sense, so MM or as little as possible to choose a mature design sense of the necklace or earrings, such as pearls, small drill like necklace The

Round face of the MM is without a paste of the neck, or the chain is too rough too complicated, such as the collar or the beads into a chunky necklace. This will provide a very urgent sense. At the same time, to prevent the use of circular, fan-shaped necklace. This will look more round faces. In order to model the face length increases, the width of the reduction of visual effects, round face MM should choose long necklace, the application of extensive necklace V-shaped effect, elongated facial lines. The best length is positioned in the middle of the clavicle to the chest. Necklace length of at least 16 inches / 53 cm  (ordinary silver chain length), can make your neck lines more beautiful. Want to get the face of growth, narrow the effect of the pendant to choose a rectangle, or drop-shaped, make plump face lines soft just. At the same time the sense of extension of the pendulum will make the vision down, bring the depth of the neck elongated, such jewelry can show the gentle and elegant and elegant.

Square face MM to choose the shape of the peculiar pendant, such as water droplets, oval, or long arc necklace, can ease the angle of the face. Material can choose some soft, like pearls, ribbons, etc., can be already too subtle masculine facial lines. Necklace to become proficient at the clavicle, but also the length of mix and match. Neck shorter people, the necklace length selection in the clavicle below the middle of the chest position will be more beautiful. In addition, not press any square, triangular, or pentagonal and other sharp shape, the material with the color does not choose to cold steel ornaments, jewelry with color selection of rose gold.

Triangle face MM is suitable for wearing short chains, collars and so on. Any necklace that can produce a “round effect”, especially a round bead, can produce a “round effect” feeling, can increase the weight of the guy’s face, so that the face lines look more rounded, full The Striped pendants can balance the sharp chin, so that the face lines look mild and mellow. To prevent the bearing angle is very obvious jewelry, such as the triangle, hexagonal Name Necklace.


How To Choose The Right Necklace?

Choosing the right necklace length is important, it determines the necklace weight, price and wear style. Men’s and Women’s Name Necklace length subdivision are different. The following was introduced.
Under normal circumstances, 16-inch (40cm) necklace can be as flawless as the collar around the neck position. For the petite woman, will be a little closer to the clavicle position. Most necklaces have this length in size. It can be a really good and almost all clothing with. Fills the collar on the space.
18 inches (46cm) necklace, is the most popular female size, the sag point just below the throat. The length of the Custom Name Necklace matched with a slightly larger pendant, you can make up the mysterious V necklace space, so that it has a distinct contrast with the clothing. For the taller women, wearing the size of the necklace will have a similar effect of the collar.
20 inches (50cm) is a necklace, sagging slightly below the clavicle position, setting the feeling of a more comfortable “breathing space”. Many women prefer the length of the necklace, wear them in business or casual wear. For the distinguished lapel sweater and hedging collar clothing, this length is also a good choice.

Love simple necklace

Life can be simple,nothing but a dream.That’s the way it is. Growing older, when you decide to settle the trivial aside,let it go.Life is becoming carefree and simple.But we still can live it free and not boring. It maybe still busy.The most important thing is there still loves and warmth in the bottom of heart.

To the world you may be one person, but to one person you may be the world. Everyone has their exclusive half part. Of course, you can have a unique Custom Name Necklace. Love is always beautiful. dispute maybe inevitably.What we need to do is to understand each other, of course, we can aslo give the other side some surprises,some gifts. Come on! Take visit on our site to make one unique Name Necklace for her/him.

Unspecified necklace

Handicraft refers to the handicrafts produced by the unique artistic style of arts and crafts. Namenecklace custom-make your personalized Name Necklace, one piece of unique necklace belong to you

Different from the large industrial mechanization of mass production of standardized.In a light clouds day, with gentle breeze,it is another season suitable for hiking,wearing a Custom Name Necklace,the wind gently touched your face,your necklace dance gently with the wind,at the moment you are the most beautiful one in the world.
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How to wear the suitable necklace in right way?

A necklace should be coordinated with age and size. Such as the woman with slender

neck can wear silk chain, which adds more exquisite and charming to wearer.While horse whip chains is thick and mature, suitable for elder women.
Name Necklace should also match with dressing.For example, soft elegant silk dress or skirt, should wear fine delicate necklace, which make people more charming and moving. Pure color or plain clothing should go with bright color necklace.In this way, the wearer looks more active and colorful.

How to wear the suitable necklace in right way.We should pay attention to the following points:

1, pay attention to style , size .

Necklace size depending on the people, If you have neck thick, choose larger size is a good choice, and vice versa.

High neck clothes, necklace size should not too long, or pendant should not be exposed.Wearing a collar sweater, can only wear a necklace without pendant.Three lapel collar And dress in high-necked sweaters, wear necklaces outside the clothes is a good way. the best choice is a bar necklace.Pendant should have no burr to avoid friction with sweaters.

2, Consider the decorative effect, clothing match with jewelry necklace.

If you want to wear the pendant out, the Custom Name Necklace should not be too long neither too thick.Not only consider the beauty of necklace, but also pay attention to necklace style and dress style , some with a single string, and some use a multi-strings type.

3, Pay attention to different effect on different material.

Different materials and different dress styles have different effects

If you wear sky blue polyester dress, it is better to choose a silver necklace, which appears gentle cheerful and charming

If you wear tight sports skirt, coupled with a gold necklace, will make you more light and lively;

If you wear polyester skirt with light green and white flowers, accompanied by a silver pearl necklace, will make you fresh clean and cool.

If put on a pure white shirts, choose a necklace with red beads, will make you looks more beautiful and charming.

What does jewelry mean to women?

For women, jewelry is granted a special significance of love, not only for wearing.Custom Name Necklace your love with it.In fact, the inextricable relationship between jewelry and love has already been accustomed to us.

Name Necklace is an ideal way to express love , and to some degree, jewelry becomes alive and meaningful as love itself.The woman who doesn’t smoke may must have no past, as there is few story about her to tell.The woman who does not like jewelry has no future, as she lost the longing for life.

Women are born to be a jewelry lover, it is a kind of a natural love.
Woman with jewelry shows more extravagance, It can remind her the man who loved her, their romance, their story, and their past.With Bar necklace, you can engraved her / his name on it.

Encounter is accidental, Falling in love is inevitable. Love always has a kind of magical power to attack people together, it can be elusive, full of fatal. Sometimes a casual look back or a unexpected details make people irresistible and fell into love, and let them willing to become the most loyal believers of love.

Customized love

On a fine summer night, in a faint flashing light, Rose was attracted by that strange sparkling eyes at one moment. It is a platinum materials Bar necklace at the neck of Jane.

Jane is her best friend, 23 year old and Jane is very beautiful,the brilliant chain around her neck make her more charming. it shining and dazzling with brilliance. Rose went nearer and found it was graved with Jane’s boyfriend’s name and love forever.

“What a beautiful Name Necklace” Rose said. she asked where bought this Bar necklace.Jane said it was customized online. Then Jane said happily, “it can be customize your desire,dream or anything you want” Jane and her boyfriend begun with this. Bar necklace “It was fantastic” she said.we all went back for dinner.we all know that she loves Custom Name Necklace.

I am about to custom-make one for Jenny.We are good friends, eat out together, traveling together.She is a nice girl, out-going. We get along with each other very well.

Once back home, I searched bar necklace on line.I made up my mind, the content should be Happy forever Jane.I want to give Jane a surprise.It takes only several days for the necklace to arrive.

In a exquisite jewelry box, the personalized necklace lie there quietly.It is wonderful, and beyond description.So I called Jenny and asked her out for a cup of coffee.“See you soon” Jenny replied cheerfully. I wonder what would she do when I show this surprise to her.

Your Own Jewelry

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Engraved Necklace

Name Necklace is a fashion women jewelry , females always need it to decorate themselves whether in the day life or when they go out to have a party and so on .

there has various necklace in the marcket , such as the pendant Custom Name Necklace , engrave necklace , name necklace , and other shape necklace . the material also is different , gold material , silver material , diamond material . and it also can be copper material and gold plating or silver plating .

the necklace chain is also adjustable , you can choose the right length of the chain according to your neck size . the material of the chain also can be copper or gold and silver . if you want it cheaper enough , you can choose copper material and gold or silver plating , it looks the same as the real gold or real silver .