Customized love

On a fine summer night, in a faint flashing light, Rose was attracted by that strange sparkling eyes at one moment. It is a platinum materials Bar necklace at the neck of Jane.

Jane is her best friend, 23 year old and Jane is very beautiful,the brilliant chain around her neck make her more charming. it shining and dazzling with brilliance. Rose went nearer and found it was graved with Jane’s boyfriend’s name and love forever.

“What a beautiful Name Necklace” Rose said. she asked where bought this Bar necklace.Jane said it was customized online. Then Jane said happily, “it can be customize your desire,dream or anything you want” Jane and her boyfriend begun with this. Bar necklace “It was fantastic” she said.we all went back for dinner.we all know that she loves Custom Name Necklace.

I am about to custom-make one for Jenny.We are good friends, eat out together, traveling together.She is a nice girl, out-going. We get along with each other very well.

Once back home, I searched bar necklace on line.I made up my mind, the content should be Happy forever Jane.I want to give Jane a surprise.It takes only several days for the necklace to arrive.

In a exquisite jewelry box, the personalized necklace lie there quietly.It is wonderful, and beyond description.So I called Jenny and asked her out for a cup of coffee.“See you soon” Jenny replied cheerfully. I wonder what would she do when I show this surprise to her.

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