How to wear the suitable necklace in right way?

A necklace should be coordinated with age and size. Such as the woman with slender

neck can wear silk chain, which adds more exquisite and charming to wearer.While horse whip chains is thick and mature, suitable for elder women.
Name Necklace should also match with dressing.For example, soft elegant silk dress or skirt, should wear fine delicate necklace, which make people more charming and moving. Pure color or plain clothing should go with bright color necklace.In this way, the wearer looks more active and colorful.

How to wear the suitable necklace in right way.We should pay attention to the following points:

1, pay attention to style , size .

Necklace size depending on the people, If you have neck thick, choose larger size is a good choice, and vice versa.

High neck clothes, necklace size should not too long, or pendant should not be exposed.Wearing a collar sweater, can only wear a necklace without pendant.Three lapel collar And dress in high-necked sweaters, wear necklaces outside the clothes is a good way. the best choice is a bar necklace.Pendant should have no burr to avoid friction with sweaters.

2, Consider the decorative effect, clothing match with jewelry necklace.

If you want to wear the pendant out, the Custom Name Necklace should not be too long neither too thick.Not only consider the beauty of necklace, but also pay attention to necklace style and dress style , some with a single string, and some use a multi-strings type.

3, Pay attention to different effect on different material.

Different materials and different dress styles have different effects

If you wear sky blue polyester dress, it is better to choose a silver necklace, which appears gentle cheerful and charming

If you wear tight sports skirt, coupled with a gold necklace, will make you more light and lively;

If you wear polyester skirt with light green and white flowers, accompanied by a silver pearl necklace, will make you fresh clean and cool.

If put on a pure white shirts, choose a necklace with red beads, will make you looks more beautiful and charming.

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