How To Choose The Right Necklace?

Choosing the right necklace length is important, it determines the necklace weight, price and wear style. Men’s and Women’s Name Necklace length subdivision are different. The following was introduced.
Under normal circumstances, 16-inch (40cm) necklace can be as flawless as the collar around the neck position. For the petite woman, will be a little closer to the clavicle position. Most necklaces have this length in size. It can be a really good and almost all clothing with. Fills the collar on the space.
18 inches (46cm) necklace, is the most popular female size, the sag point just below the throat. The length of the Custom Name Necklace matched with a slightly larger pendant, you can make up the mysterious V necklace space, so that it has a distinct contrast with the clothing. For the taller women, wearing the size of the necklace will have a similar effect of the collar.
20 inches (50cm) is a necklace, sagging slightly below the clavicle position, setting the feeling of a more comfortable “breathing space”. Many women prefer the length of the necklace, wear them in business or casual wear. For the distinguished lapel sweater and hedging collar clothing, this length is also a good choice.

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