How to choose a necklace based on your face?

Oval-shaped face of the MM it, the most hi skin, the so-called all kinds of styles is optional. Long oval face of the MM, it is best to choose a short section of the necklace to match.

Although the oval face with a good choice with Custom Name Necklace, but it is easy to give a kind of virtuous and lack of a certain personality beauty fashion sense, so MM or as little as possible to choose a mature design sense of the necklace or earrings, such as pearls, small drill like necklace The

Round face of the MM is without a paste of the neck, or the chain is too rough too complicated, such as the collar or the beads into a chunky necklace. This will provide a very urgent sense. At the same time, to prevent the use of circular, fan-shaped necklace. This will look more round faces. In order to model the face length increases, the width of the reduction of visual effects, round face MM should choose long necklace, the application of extensive necklace V-shaped effect, elongated facial lines. The best length is positioned in the middle of the clavicle to the chest. Necklace length of at least 16 inches / 53 cm  (ordinary silver chain length), can make your neck lines more beautiful. Want to get the face of growth, narrow the effect of the pendant to choose a rectangle, or drop-shaped, make plump face lines soft just. At the same time the sense of extension of the pendulum will make the vision down, bring the depth of the neck elongated, such jewelry can show the gentle and elegant and elegant.

Square face MM to choose the shape of the peculiar pendant, such as water droplets, oval, or long arc necklace, can ease the angle of the face. Material can choose some soft, like pearls, ribbons, etc., can be already too subtle masculine facial lines. Necklace to become proficient at the clavicle, but also the length of mix and match. Neck shorter people, the necklace length selection in the clavicle below the middle of the chest position will be more beautiful. In addition, not press any square, triangular, or pentagonal and other sharp shape, the material with the color does not choose to cold steel ornaments, jewelry with color selection of rose gold.

Triangle face MM is suitable for wearing short chains, collars and so on. Any necklace that can produce a “round effect”, especially a round bead, can produce a “round effect” feeling, can increase the weight of the guy’s face, so that the face lines look more rounded, full The Striped pendants can balance the sharp chin, so that the face lines look mild and mellow. To prevent the bearing angle is very obvious jewelry, such as the triangle, hexagonal Name Necklace.


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