What’s mean with necklace?


Alice is a charming woman. Her husband is only an ordinary small staff. Although her low status, but fascination with aristocratic luxury living, in order to attend a grand party with her husband accumulated at 300 francs a dress, but also a string of stunning necklace borrowed from a friend there. In the minister’s party, Alice with her superior style out of the limelight, her vanity was thus fully satisfied, but she even borrowed the necklace lost, in this case, she only conceals the friends, slowly to compensation.

Since then, the couple spent 8 years of frugal life. In this unmanageable accumulation process, Alice hand becomes rough. The face is also aging. Later, she accidentally learned that she lost the Custom Name Necklace but a minimum price of artificial diamond Name Necklace, and her compensation is a real diamond necklace. In this way Alice worked hard for 8 years.

This story tells us:jewelry is important to women. you can view us.Here has name necklaces,bar necklace,engraved necklace,custom necklace.. you can buy necklace to your girlfriend/wife.Lock your love!!

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