Lady’s Necklace

Duke of Borko is the son of the Duchess of the Duchess of Lesheque Biave and the Duchess of Geshe. Princess called gold, is the one that of the Hungarian king in Bella IV.

The princess was placed in a remote place where he separated from the mountains, and lived in the princely and wealthy country of the azure river. Where crops and sweet grapes grow, with this grape to ensure that the world famous wine. Hungarian land contains gold Silver, precious rock salt, than the salt from the sea boiled salt more white, it gives a variety of dishes to add taste.

The in the winter, outside the moonlight all coated with snow and ice, and in the palace, in the spacious room is the fire. In front of the fireplace, the Duke of Borko sat on a stump of trees and trees, looking at the Not far from his place, the two distinguished ladies sat in a comfortable chair with carved backs. They are carrying a long skirt, head covered with soft white scarf, scarf draped to the shoulder, like a box to accommodate their faces. Their forehead is having a slender. They are wearing Custom Name Necklace.These Name Necklace are the most famous crafts of gold and silver jewelers.

In order to demonstrate the status of the two ladies of the royal family, they are wearing the same gorgeous ring, and both hands are busy. Among them, one is spinning fine wool and the other is embroidered. The two ladies are busy with their Own the work, did not speak. Or the Duke of Borko’s sister, the black eyes of the Duke of Shaluo Mei first opened the mouth. She came to visit the duchess of the mother of Gemi Misawa, but also to introduce her to the Hungarian princess To talk about her beauty, kindness and wisdom.

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