The most beautiful necklace

Since coming to the city after work,women want a necklace in particular. Whenever the door of the Name Necklace store,women can’t be helped only to stop,but She did not move into the courage,because those necklaces are too expensive,not her family can bear.

November 8,is woman’s birthday,but also man’s birthday.That day, the man returned early to home,eat dinner,the man secretly pocket took out a box from coat,and then took out a thing from the inside handed the woman said:”Come,try suitable.”Over the years,the man is first time send gifts to women,women feel both surprised and accidents.

After a brief excitement,the woman immediately became alert,she asked seriously:”Where do you have money come to buy such a valuable thing?Will not be stolen from the outside, right?”Man smile with said:”Fool,this is a fake,only 5 dollars.Although it is worthless,but on behalf of my mind,so after making money,I will give you a real Custom Name Necklace.

Six months after,the woman suddenly received a phone call from the man unit,man out of trouble on the construction site.When woman rushed to the hospital,the man has left the world.Listen to people that he owed someone else a sum of money,the man work to go out to do a part-time after get off every day.women not understand.Until the day after half a month,she was finishing the man’s relics,found an invoice account of the notebook:platinum bar necklace,698 dollars,November 8, 2011.

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