Meiling Necklace

Lingering the whole of Nanjing,for the joy of French Indus,dumping Jinling city, “the old age necklace” promise of love, this amazing time “beauty age necklace” looking for even life, but also find it romantic and moving feelings, even dumping all of them.

There is a string of unique “Name Necklace“. “Necklace” inlaid “gem”is the MEILING palace of eastern outskirts Nanjing. This is”palace of the MEILING” wat Chiang Kai-shek created is also the most romantic Gong’s commitment to his wife.

Looks like a dream fairyland ,sweet fragrance filled the feast of the venue, gorgeous grand yet elegant atmosphere.the background like stars and the”old age Custom Name Necklace” pavilions sky in the night,so shining that the beauty of the city and gentle romantic, infected with the presence of all.

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