Precaution about wearing silver bar necklace


1,The best method of silver maintenance is wearing every day, because the body’s fat will make the silver issued tender natural luster (some exceptions of course.some of the sweat itself contains silver composition of the block). Usually not press any when to close. It is best to use a closed pocket installed to prevent the silver surface,air contact and oxidation black.

2,The daily cleaning of the soil approach: squeezes a little toothpaste in the silver above, add some water, the appropriate run to the white bubble, and then rinse with water to restore the light.

3,Not wear silver jewelry when wearing other precious metal Name Necklace, so as not collision deformation or abrasions.

4,Keep the silver dry, doesn’t wear swimming, don’t close to hot springs and sea water.

5,Use to soft cloth wipe the shiny surface to keep the luster.use better to special rub silver cloth. rub silver cloth containing silver maintenance ingredients, cannot be washed.

6,If there are signs of yellowing silver, then use to small brush clean Custom Name Necklace slits, and then swab silver drops drop on the side paper, the wipe silver surface lead oxide,restore jewelry original silver and bright.

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