The different characteristics of the necklace

Gold and silver necklace is the main species in the necklace. now the common gold necklace is 24k, 18k, 14k kinds.silver necklace has 92.5% of silver and silver-plated silver two. In terms of style, gold and silver Name Necklace are also very stylish and very affordable, but easy to fade gold and silver, so buy gold and silver necklace material must pay attention to good maintenance.

Platinum necklace with its generous, small, warm and romantic and dumped a large number of women.with platinum bending, coiling, the formation of different styles, fun endless shape, the overall to simple, elegant, show-based, style are revealing women slim, elegant, Ling Hui’s feelings.imitation gold Custom Name Necklace with materials from copper, zinc, aluminum to plastic and other non-metallic.with more style, modeling new, low prices.


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