How to care for initial necklace?

Care For Initial Necklace

Life Span of your Initial Necklace will be prolonged if you take some time to care and place them in an appropriate place away from your other jewelries. This is to prevent any scratches when coming into contact with each other.

Following are some tips of what you should do:

1. Place and hold your Name Necklace in your palm.

2. In a sink, turn on the tap in small flows.

3. Rinse the initial necklace with water.

4. Gently remove dirt on the surface.

5. Apply some gentle soap eg baby soap. Rub the suds gently onto the pearls.

6. Use a soft towel, pat dry.

7. Use soft cloth to polish Custom Name Necklace.

8. Once dry and polished, place them separately in a jewelry bag only for initial.

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