How to make a creative necklace?

Are you interested in making your own jewelry to have as a gift or to possibly sell? You will have a variety of options, depending on the type of jewelry you want to create. If you want to make something creative for jewelry, then just make a leaf clay necklace.

Look like the Name Necklace

The process to make a leaf clay Custom Name Necklace is actually not that hard. You will just need some polymer clay, an assortment of small leaves, and a roller. Necklace materials like a ring and chain will also be needed to complete the task. Another option is to make a necklace out of rope.

A very small amount of clay will be needed to make a leaf clay necklace.. Roll out your clay to at least ¼ of an inch or maybe a little bit thinner. Simply press a leaf into the clay to make an impression and then use a cookie cutter to make a’s very creative!!

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