My Bar Necklace

When I was a baby I got my first gold bracelet with my name on it. Luckily my parents kept it and it a nice memorabilia from my childhood. And it’s also my first gold jewelry.

When I grew, in my teenage years I for some reason didn’t like gold in jewelry or as color. I guess it was a phase, since that in my twenties I started bit by bit to reacquainted  my jewelry box with pieces of gold rings, necklaces and of course I got myself a gold birthstone bar necklace. In a world of mass production I wanted something that will be mine, special, and unique. Something that will be both artistic and distinct; that is my name – of course!

Name Necklace is a sort of one’s personal logo, and that idea appealed to me. I was able to have my name as an artistic creation without it being ‘tacky’ but classy, delicate, and in gold.I feel that my Custom Name Necklace can be a start to a long tradition. Custom Necklace has been throughout history adorned for varying reasons. Now I shared mine.

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