Ohr HaEmet Jewelry

In 2005, Sherman and her husband, Dr. John Evans, found themselves in a tight financial situation. In addition to health issues, the couple had five growing children to support. It was around then that they met a gem seller, a fortuitous meeting that determined the next step of their journey.

She and Evans formed Name Necklace (Satya means “truth” in Sanskrit) in 2006, which became SatyaRising LLC in 2016. SatyaRising includes a Judaica line of jewelry as well as one celebrating the Sherman Brothers’ Disney songwriting legacy.

The Judaica line, which the Tucson Jewish Community Center will exhibit in December, started in an interesting way. An old high school acquaintance of Sherman’s contacted her through Facebook, asking if she would make a blue lapis, gold and silver Tree of Life necklace set for his wife. With this initial, serendipitous order, Ohr HaEmet Jewelry came into being.

“Laurie has been a delightful addition to our Custom Name Necklace
community and her work is magnificent,” says Ori Parnaby, Jewish Community Concierge for Jewish Tucson. “She has joined our local Jewish Artist group and will be joining with other artists in a show that will be held at the local JCC.”

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