Please For The Love Of God Buying Bar Necklace

Hi there ladies, quick poll: Do you have any bar necklace laying around? I say “laying around” because I’m willing to bet that if you do own something — a $19.99 bar-shaped pendant on a chain, perhaps — you aren’t wearing it.

That’s because, to put it bluntly, most Custom Name Necklace isn’t cute. Sorry if I’m offending anyone here, but it’s the unfortunate truth. It’s generally terrible. At worst it makes the wearer look like she’s playing Pretty Pretty Princess, and at best it screams “I didn’t pick this out for myself!”

Which leads me to something else about your Name Necklace that I’d put money on: You didn’t pick it out for yourself. It was a gift given to you by your grandma, or more likely by a man — a clueless man who has been tricked into thinking all women like necklace.

I’ve got three necklace necklaces, all given to me by well-meaning boys, and all of which have been buried in a drawer for the past decade. A friend told me she was given two in elementary school, and she still suspects to this day that they were stolen from the boys’ mothers. (Honestly, I doubt they minded.)

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