The Queen’s Necklace

There was a woman, a man who was very honest, and he kept a frugality, and the people in the palace had a good relationship with her, and were willing to get close to her, and one day she went to the palace and talked with the queen. Take the necklace and give it to her, and say to her, “This necklace is priceless and I will give you, you will keep it for me and wait for me to bathe and give it to me.

The queen was so trust in her, she was flattered, took the Name Necklace, and then carefully served the queen to take a bath.When the bath, she wanted to pray, put the necklace on the blanket in her full of prayer, a bird flew , Pecked the necklace, flew away, the queen after the bath, back to the palace, to her to that necklace, she was found that necklace missing. Trail no! She hurried to find everywhere, but How to find can not find, had to say to the queen: Queen, ah, I received the necklace, it is placed on this piece of blanket, I concentrate on praying, and did not see anyone coming in, how the necklace will be missing ?

The king said to the Custom Name Necklace, love if the treasure, know lost, and my heart is very sad, then the king said the king heard, rage, without any explanation that the person will put the woman in the lobby, interrogated her, , But she is still just tell the truth, the sins all over his body, not framed any person. King saw her to death without asking, and asked no other clues, had ordered her to turn off In prison.

The day the king and the queen sitting in the palace chatting, and occasionally saw a bird flying out from the corner, his mouth tied to the string necklace, they immediately told the maid around to chase, and finally found the When the king was suddenly realized, know that the good woman, so that she suffered a white injustice, they ordered the virginity of her, put her out from the prison, the king specifically met her, said to her again Apologize, and give her a lot of money to pay compensation, but this clean woman did not take the text, the king and the queen also no complaints, she decided to leave the palace, seclusion to the mountains, life and nature.

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