The gold necklace is strange girl

July weather is like a child’s face, three times a day, noon is also clear day, the afternoon began to pour rain, small Chi took a briefcase all the way trotted straight to a taxi, Fashion girl also Ben this taxi from the two people in the rain hit a full, small Chi instinct to reach out to pull the girl, but was pushed by the girl hard: “Why do you?”Small Chi was pushed a stable sitting in the mud, and then a book, the girl has opened the taxi door, sped away.

XiaoZhi Anjiao bad luck, just to stand up and found that rain shiny things in the brain, he reached out and picked up, was actually a gold necklace. It appears that just when the girl and a collision, the girl who fell. Small Chi thought: Hum! Count you bad luck, and then he stood up, stopped another taxi, sitting in the car with a small amount of small weight in the hands of the weight of the gold Custom Name Necklace, I thought I picked it up, the girl back to find the necklace lost Will not it cry? And she would not want to be small chi deliberately hit her, and then stole her gold necklace, so that their own, a shameless thief?

Small holding the gold Name Necklace hand more and more heavy, and occasionally a write, he saw the girl riding the taxi is not far away from him, he quickly let the driver to keep up with the front of the taxi, I can not because this gold necklace bad reputation, people think I was a thief.

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