The piece of incomplete necklace

She shook her head with pain, tears dripping down the palm of your hand, wet the silver Name Necklace.she took the silver chain, she would put them together.

Finally, the beads were strung up, her mood also with a lot of calm. “I should put it back up again.” She thought. So she stood up and walked carefully to the mirror and carefully put the piece that had just been packed in the neck. Red through the white beads immediately like a soul-like fresh up, as now her. Relieved, there is nothing terrible! Days have begun to black, but the figure has not yet appeared. He will not really want to break up? Little love heart again tangled together, she began to restless. “Xiaoyi, Awen ye not come, is not you quarreled? He does not you? Haha … …” The yard was directed at her shouting. That person called the wind, is a good friend of Ah. A 40-year-old man who sells shabu-shabu in the night market, though he knows he is joking, can stare at him at the appeals. “Fart, he will not it, maybe one will come!” She exclaimed loudly, some of the meaning of silver here three hundred and Custom Name Necklace. In fact, she did not mind the end of the truth. “You still go out to see it, do not like lost the soul of the same.” The wind of the wife of small go over. “Well, I’ll make a phone call,” she said embarrassed, and then fled out of the yard.

Soon, she stood in the alley, but did not see the people she wanted to see, only this north and south of the street has been extended to the village outside … She looked up, across the street there are several shops Lit light. “Maybe you should make a phone call first”. she thinks. The foot could not help but cross out …”This is not equal to their own compromise? This is not to explain their own wrong?” Such a thought she took back just crossed the feet.

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