Joan Nair like this necklace

In the middle of the jewelry store exhibition hall, placed a diamond necklace, necklace lying on the black velvet, shine. A pair of diamonds are dressed in a thin chain, even to the buckle, the middle of the largest diamond, close to the buckle of the two diamonds minimum. Necklace work is very delicate, the designer seems to have touched the woman’s mind. Jenny thought: If you put it on the neck, the effect must be suffocating.

As a married woman, Jonell naturally has several pieces of jewelry, but this luxury Custom Name Necklace┬áis that she has never been wearing, and perhaps later will not have the opportunity to wear. In this idea, Jonell came forward, pointing to the necklace, asked the clerk: “I can see the window of the necklace it?
Necklace put on the neck of the neck, she turned to the mirror turned around, took a deep breath: so beautiful! She whole people because of this necklace has become shining up. Jenny could not help but ask, “how much?”

“$ 17,000,” replied the clerk politely.
Jennyne sucked a cold lump, thirty-seven thousand dollars! In addition to those rich, who would buy such a necklace? Joan Nair will be back to the necklace, and then trot out of the shop. This night, she could not sleep, the clerk’s words still lingering in her ear: “This necklace has 118 natural diamonds, polished fine, the total weight is 15:24 carat.” Jennyle thought: If So they live like this, is never able to afford such a good thing.

A few days later, Jonell and her mother went to the supermarket shopping, passing the Name Necklace store, she found the necklace is still in the old place, but has been discounted, from $ 37,000 down to twenty thousand twenty thousand dollars. Jonell could not help pulling his mother into the store, let the clerk out of the necklace, once again worn on the neck. “How?” Jennell turned and smiled and asked his mother.

“The United States is too beautiful, my dear.” The old lady nodded with satisfaction, can be turned to his mother on the back of the mother, clearly heard the mother’s clear sigh…

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