My Sister’s Initial Necklace

This Easter, my sister shoulders and lightened. She said she wanted the alcoholic Barbara to look like a fresh, brand new person. Drunk Barbara didn’t care about her hair and dressed in a pair of pajamas most days. Cloudless sky background with a cheery sun and rays. The second app was a meeting locator that showed you when and where a group of alcoholics were getting ready to sit down. The app icon was a folding chair. In her back pocket was a painted gold Name Necklace that signified one months’ sober.

Since my sister left rehab early this May, she’s been showing off these little trinkets and tools that she uses to measure and protect her sobriety. For 20 days, she was subject to weekly art classes, where she made me and my little sister trays to hold our Custom Name Necklace and custom necklace for herself and friends.

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