The miraculous initial necklace

The princess went into the garden and opened her present. She has a lot of lovely things: there will be singing flowers; there is a bird cage, which is full of green and silver feathers of the birds; there is a never read the book, because this book is not the last page; A cradle of cats; a piece of silver like a spider web and a goldfish like a fish scale; a bell with a real cuckoo; and a boat made of large pink shells. These gifts are also the middle of the linger Custom Name Necklace.

Loye saw his necklace, ran from the palm trees, shouting: “Oh, I’m sorry, that Name Necklace is mine!
The king was angry: “Who is this girl, who told her to come to my garden, take her away and throw it into the sea!
But the beautiful little princess said, “Wait a minute, father,” she asked Loye, “how did you know that the necklace was yours?
“Because this is my godfather to me! I wear this chain, standing in the rain will not be wet, the storm will not hurt me, I can swim across the river swim, but also called the rain to stop.
“Can you make rain in the sky?” Asked the king.
“I can not wait now.When my godfather gave me the tenth raindrops,” replied Luther.

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