Thirteen women and one necklace

Twelve women, including Jonell, are between the ages of 45 and 60, their occupations, some nurse, some teachers, and some are the same as Chionaire. After buying the necklace, they sat in a cafe, discuss the time to wear the necklace, the views quickly reached an agreement:
Every year you can apply to wear a necklace a month, that is, wearing the birthday of the month. In addition, the partner can apply for wearing a necklace according to his temporary needs, but only if that month no one birthday, or birthday that person no longer want to wear a necklace. No matter what kind of application, twelve people must participate in the approval of the application, we get together to open a small party.
Coincidentally, their birthday is just the same month. The first month, the turn of the Kanena wearing necklace, Kai Nina weekdays Tailailielie, careless she had provoked a lot of trouble. She got the necklace that night, almost all night, so precious things, she had to make it safe and messy to the next companion’s hands ah! Do not let the thief to stole. When a month later, when Cairna returned the necklace to custodian Jonell, she could not help but cry, and she told the eleven companions who participated in the party: “Because of this necklace, I realized my responsibility for the first time To blame, I have such a big age, and never know how to worry about it before. “Then, Kai Enna and other people enthusiastically embrace.
The second application is wearing a necklace is Lisa, because next month is her birthday. Lisa usually had some autism, she was afraid to deal with people. However, in this month, she wore a necklace, gracefully came forward to congratulate the birthday of friends and relatives thanks. Lisa’s husband said that his wife seemed to have changed his personal, she now has an unprecedented self-confidence.
In this way, according to the month, the necklace in one another companion hand passed down. Tess did not have a college degree, has been very low self-esteem, but she with the neck of the necklace, find a good job; Diana is an empty nest old man, life has been very lonely, because of her friend Kanena introduction, inadvertently involved in the purchase Necklace activities, regularly participate in the twelve people of the party, become cheerful and lively up.

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