A necklace not for sale

Come and drink! ”

The girl said loudly, until the end of the banquet, the girl never looked at the boy!

Soon after, a man broke into the girl’s life. Man said. He has nothing, only money!

The following are the same as the ”

When he put the sparkling gold jewelry on the girl! But also captured the girl sinking love vanity heart.

They soon rented a house outside the cohabitation. Men are obedient to girls. The girl secretly glad that their choice between boys and men!

For girls, it was a happy day!

But did not last long! In the girls found themselves bad at the same time, also found a man missing!

When the landlord once again to urge her to pay rent, she had to go into the pawn shop, put all their gold jewelry on the counter!

The boss looked at his eyes and said, “What do you do with so many gold – plated jewels?

The girl suddenly live!

Then the boss’ s eyes light up, clawed a pile of jewelry, come up with the bottom of the necklace said: “Well, this is a real gold Name Necklace, worth a little money.

The following are the same as the ”

Girl a look, this is not the boy to send her that fake gold necklace?

Pawn shop owner took the heart-shaped Custom Name Necklace asked: “Hey, how much do you intend to?”

The girl suddenly grabbed the necklace away …

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