ChuY’s online shopping necklace

Chu Yi can always like online shopping, and each time in Taobao hang around, always Amoy to make their favorite items, the price is very low.

Chu Yi can see that Name Necklace┬ápendant, a bit strange, this pendant is clearly the kind of spread the goods, the shape is heart-shaped, how it will be hidden in the boots it? Chu Yi can feel incredible, hard to pull out the Custom Name Necklace, did not expect inside a hiding a small piece of paper. Open a look, the above is a very small font to write a sentence: “I am still alive … … in the old place waiting for you, no see!”

This is the head of the paper so that Chu Yi was able to heart really surprised, can see the above content, it seems related to a person’s life and death, she could not help anxious, thinking about how to figure out what is going on. So, Chu Yi can go home immediately open the computer, from their own order to find boots on the pages to find clues to.

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