Efreya’s goddess necklace

Efreya is not only the goddess of love, the character of human love and men and women between the vows, but also and Odin, Frigia as the fate of the Asan Park and the safety of the gods always work hard. Her palace in the village of Asaph was large and magnificent, and sometimes, when Walkler chose to come to the sacrifice of the fighters, half was handed over to Efreya, where she was trained in her palace. Efreya also has a luxury vehicle, when she travels, two male cats make her vehicle speeding as lightning. Efreya’s “Eagle’s feathers” is a statue of Asa Park, put it after anyone can fly in the sky like Custom Name Necklace. Of course, the most often to her by “Eagle’s plumage,” the Asaha is the outrageous Rocky, often wear it everywhere trouble.

Efreya beautiful, not only in her natural beauty, but also because she has a world’s most beautiful necklace. Efreya wear this gold Name Necklace, so that her appearance is more beautiful Yu Yu brilliant. Like all the gold treasures, Efreya this necklace is also created by the dwarf.

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