Funny Bar Necklace

Girl, determined to pay everything, even if it is their own lives, but also to save their brothers. When the night fell, she left the hut, walked into the depths of the jungle, climbed over a tree and spent the night. The next morning, she collected the water horse teeth, began to sew the shirt. She can not talk to anyone, did not mind laugh, so sitting there, only the head of the busy hands of the job. She had been in the forest for a long time, until one day, the local king to the forest to hunt, the hunters came to the girl sitting in front of the tree above. They found her loudly greeted her and asked her: “Who are you?” But she silent answer.

“Come on,” they said to her, “we will not hurt you.” She just shook her head. They still ask this question, she put their Name Necklace¬†thrown to them, I thought that they should meet it now. Who told these guys or refused to give up, so she threw the belt to them, can still be of no avail. Then she put the garter and all the things that were dispensable to them, and in the end they were wearing underwear. But this is the case, these hunters still rely on not go, and climbed to the tree to hold the girl down, received the king in front. The king asked her, “Who are you?

What are you doing in the tree?” But she did not answer. The king then asked her in every language she would say, but she was still boring. The girl’s beautiful face touched the king’s heart, and he fell in love with her. The king put his cloak on her, hold her on the horse, let her sit in front of her, with her back to the palace. Immediately, the king told her to wear colorful clothing, so that Custom Name Necklace will be more shiny, the United States if the angel friends, but she is not a word. When the meal, the king asked her to sit by her side. The girl behaved dignified, polite, the king particularly like, he muttered: “She is my mind queen, I am not her not married.” A few days later, the king and the girl forged a hundred years of good.

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