Laura’s raindrop necklace

Laura is very sad, because there is no tenth rain, she can not let the sky rain.
At this time, the north wind flew into the king’s garden.
“So you are here, teach women!” He said, “I have to send you a birthday present and find the whole world.
“In the princess,” said poor Laura.

North wind angry. “You should not take off the Name Necklace!” He said. The north wind to the hands of the raindrops fell on the hay, the rains disappeared. Then he flew away. Laura cried.
“Do not cry,” said the little princess, “you take the necklace, and I can see that it is yours.” The princess put the necklace from the head of the lauer. At this moment, Laura’s tears fell on the necklace, and hung above and nine other raindrops came together to become the first ten. Laura laughed, she wiped away tears, with the nose sprayed a bit of gas, guess what? Her nose spray, the sky is raining! Under the ah, the next tree, trees out of the foliage, flowers started the petals, they are happy drink, very happy.
Finally, Laura clapped his hands and the rain stopped again.

The king of Israel was so happy that he said, “I have never seen such a good Custom Name Necklace! Can you come to us every year and give us enough rain?” Laura agreed.
Later, they used the princess’s pink shellfish to send her home, the birds flying in the head, the fish in front of the tour.
“I’m so glad to get back to the necklace,” Laura said, “but I am happier to pay so many friends.”
How is Meg? The mouse told the north wind that Meg took Laura’s necklace. So the north wind flew off the roof of her house and let the rain fall in, so she was soaked in the water!

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