Suffering is a necklace

There is such a woman, bravely with the world in front of her “scar”, and ultimately get people’s applause with flowers.

She was 4 years old when the tumor, 11 years old when the legs long abscess, 12 years old when found scoliosis, 13 years old when the spine buried in the Custom Name Necklace. After she because of the neck disc herniation, shoulders two tendonitis and so on through a number of operations. So far she can not bend over, can not like other women like the style of thousands of ways to twist the body … … from the age of 4, her body appeared too many people can not face the problem. “The pain never vanished, I was just used to it.” – She used to a moment of struggle with the pain of life. Often, the pain came, she did not have any way, only still dressed, look at the day of training and competition arrangements, “live is success.” She always told her family.

When a reporter asked why she had the courage to expose their scars to everyone, she said, every woman will have their own scars, some in the body, some in the heart. Suffering is not terrible, if you control and conquer the suffering, suffering will be a Name Necklace, make you more beautiful.

She is the one by the fans favorite women’s billiards world champion, at the billiards table high-spirited, glorious “black widow” – Janet Lee.

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