The first necklace send to girl

This day, from the morning, the United States and the United States waiting for her boyfriend’s text messages, all day clutching the phone restless, but have to strongly refused to take the initiative to contact her boyfriend. Until the evening, a stranger to contact her, bring her a beautiful gift box, which she likes a Custom Name Necklace strangers did not tell her who sent the gift, but she wanted to be their own boyfriend. In addition to the necklace box, there is a note, about her to the school near a coffee shop to meet, she carefully dressed up to prepare for the appointment.

From the dorm to the cafe is only one way, all the way, every walk, she can see the roadside has a very prominent heart-shaped stickers. Into the cafe, greeted the wall of the stickers made of “ILoveU”words, and her boyfriend, sitting in a corner, is gently watching her. Naturally, they are as good as ever. Just almost cried her, did not notice her boyfriend to see their Name Necklace, the moment of surprise. Of course, she can not think of this warm reunion, in fact, with a little bit of sadness.

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