The one who steal necklace

Once, Fu Lei Ya trip to the dwarf country, in a dwarf workshop to see inside there are four famous dwarf has just created such a beautiful and beautiful necklace. Fu Lei Ya saw it, immediately with the dedication of women deeply liked. She got into the stone cave, want to use heavy gold to the dwarf to buy this necklace. However, the four dwarfs is the kind of both greedy and lascivious typical, deliberately refused to buy a pair of Ngau Laiya the possibility of Necklace. Then, they told Fu Lei Ya, the only possibility to get this Name Necklace is the condition of Fu Lei Ya is not dwarf ugly to worry about, and they together with some. Love goddess Fu Lei Ya amore eager, even in any case have to get this necklace.

In the trance, Fu Lei Ya spent four nights in the dwarf’s dark cave, so that the dwarf’s attempt to achieve, but she eventually got the necklace, immediately worn on her beautiful Custom Name Necklace like a swan, back To the Asan Park everywhere to show off. Fu Lei Ya this pleasing to the privacy, but unfortunately was Rocky know. Idle of the matter immediately add oil and vine to Odin played a small report, the matter was very unbearable. Odin is also angrily, ordered Lodge to try to take this necklace as an empirical, with a view to Fu Lei Ya a little lesson. Rocky Odin’s life, to rack their brains to the gods from the Fu Lei Ya’s neck to steal this necklace.

The next morning, Fu Lei Ya woke up and found the necklace was missing, and the bedroom door is open, they immediately understand what happened. She put on her clothes and came to Odin to returning to the necklace. Looking at the beautiful and intelligent love goddess Fu Lei Ya, the god of the man Odin’s anger also immediately vanished, kindness to persuade her a few words, put the necklace back to Fu Lei Ya.

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