There is a commemorative initial necklace

I think of that, that female students in class, a small hand holding some slightly fragrant Milan flower, or a yellow envelope carefully filled. It was her picking up from the tree in her own house. So everyone is ready to make a desire. “Give me one thing.” “Give me a thing.” The cry of the request has a desire to bear. Got flowers, happy in his hand, on the nose, into the metal stationery box, caught in the beloved book, or simply hides in his pocket. Lanoxin things are a touch of fragrance wrapped in warmth. Those days on each other some dirty, but also could not help heart,Qieqie begged, “give me a Custom Name Necklace.” Once the teeth will be cold because of this small flower and warm.

I remember, that woman wearing a black sweater, holding the child in the street away the woman, the neck of the necklace with a bolt to spend a flower for the decoration. The woman wears a flower made of a Name Necklace, not for the decoration, landscaping, evil, fear is to echo with the lovely child, but also to commemorate the passing of the youth strike.

If it is a younger woman, will be the Milan flower with a red line tied in the wrist, and then pull the hands of the people who love, Jiao Yanny smile, jumping, walking.Thus, I also like this understanding of Milan spent.

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