What is the ritual of wearing initial necklace?

The initial necklace is one of the most commonly used ornaments for women. Necklace with gold, silver, pearls, ivory, etc., the different texture of the initial necklace its artistic effect is different. Gold and silver necklace rich, pearl necklace elegant, diamond necklace luxury, glass necklace natural, glass necklace lively, elegant necklace necklace, wood Custom Name Necklace simple.

When selecting the Name Necklace, consider some of the individual factors. Short and round face of the people wearing long necklace to the chest, you can stretch the height of people; slender and slender neck, with short thick necklace can shorten the neck length. Gold and silver, pearls and other high value of the necklace should not be too thick too long, should be fine short is better, suitable for paste neck and wear; the contrary, some imitation of the process necklace can exaggerate the larger, to increase the artistic effect, suitable for wearing sheep Sweater, pullover outside.

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