Because of one necklace seven years later meet again

Small time, Mu family and home before the house in a residential villa neighbors, their mother also hope that they grow up to become relatives, they together on the same kindergarten, primary school, in Yingyao junior high school that year, due to Ying Yao’s Relatives went wrong, so Ying Yao a return to their home.

Back to the home that day, Ying Yao went to the Yu Chen’s home, gave he a Custom Name Necklace as a farewell gift, Ying Yao sent out the gift, said: “Yu Chen brother, I could not bear you.” Yu Chen looked at her eyes, gently said: “Yao Bao, good, do not cry, I will think of you, you will think of me? I send you a necklace, you put it in the neck, like my Time to see this Name Necklace┬áis good? “Ying Yao looked at him nodded his head.

Seven years later, when he met her, he was thinking, maybe he had forgotten her, but his intuition told him that she did not forget him.

Seven years, she has been missing her rain morning brother, she was thinking, he would not forget her, but her intuition told her that he was with her the outcome is beautiful.

Seven years, the two between each other, miss each other.

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