Mother’s initial necklace

I have a lot of friends around thinking, even though our mouths are complaining, and my heart are struggling, drinking wine, curse curse curse himself, sleep, or want to try hard. I am a friend with me is an IT man, recently ready to start, want to make more money, buy lighters, buy underwear only dare to buy red, that is Lucky, in addition to work is reading, are also some management, Consumer psychology and the like, he said he knew that the book was smart that people simply did not have to see because they were born, he said, but he would not, he said he knew it would not necessarily be, but My other friend was originally grass-roots white-collar workers, facing married, the woman to the room, parents make money to pay the Custom Name Necklace one day, he suddenly found his mother’s neck wearing more than ten years of the article initial necklace was gone, his mother did not say anything, he did not say anything, he just drank with us after hiding in the house crying for three days, the fourth day he resolutely resigned from the now stable job to apply for a medical representative , He said, he would pay his mother ten Name Necklace, let her for wear.

I have a lot of such friends around you, you say that we are not all of these people are not life, really is not, can choose things to qualify good or bad, you say that our group of people is not stupid, that Really is, is simply stupid home, stupid in addition to the efforts, nothing else, but we group of idiots, heart also understand that only those who can not work hard if you can not really what No more.

So, let’s refuel together, if you are willing to.

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