My beloved girl wear one necklace

My favorite girl puts on this heart-made Name Necklace, and I’ll just be there for you all my life.

Light solution bowknot, there are two hearts, one is you, one is mine, is a solid, a is hollow, can let my heart to live in your heart to fill the vacancy from now on.

There are two hearts in the bow. One is yours and one is mine. It is just dust that has lost the luster of the old day, can I wash the dust from my tears and let it shine again.
Hazy light shines out of your fantasy figure, projection on my body, so nostalgic, as if in a dream. If you are away from the back of the shadow is also hidden a touch of sadness, I want to read you, but afraid you fly away.

You let lonely smile in the stranded, but gave me doubly lonely.

You let the grief in the air dissipated, but gave me no painful pain. Pain worth mentioning, hurt worth mentioning, life or to continue

You and I breathe the same piece of air, why in close proximity, but far away in the horizon.

If one day, Tianya can become close, then she will appear, put on my heart to do the Custom Name Necklace.

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