The bar necklace is a gift YuTian send BlueXi

Yutian behind the blue Xi, took out a bar necklace on the blue Xi said: “Blue Xi, you see, what is this?

Blue Xi looked at the bar necklace, bar necklace on the pendant is a sapphire, necklace above also engraved with “forever”.

Blue sky holding Yutian said: “Yutian, thank you, how do you also know that I like the kind of Custom Name Necklace ah, saying that since the day after seeing never seen.

Yutian said: “Contradiction is ubiquitous, like your Name Necklace, contradictory existence.”

Lan Xi said, “Well, I think so.”

Yutian pointed to the blue neck of the bar necklace, said: “You say, we are old, it will not follow the old ah.

“I will think that, because it has the same life as us, and life is reincarnation, it is endless.”

“Do you think it is precious?”

“Of course, life is precious, so we have to cherish it, but also a good treasure of life Oh.” Blue Xi said.

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