The bright platinum initial necklace

The day of the wedding is full of poetic, feel the joy of hand sweet; life is so cruel reality, strangled me too much romantic fun; recalled through the history of that struggle is still inspired me. When I was in the same place, I wanted to have my own Name Necklace; when I had a house, I would have been able to play in a better space. I do not know enough, but I never said to you, I worry about increasing your pressure, I just quietly their own efforts, occasionally give you some deliberate encouragement, I know you will read my mind. The roadside of the small Beijing you have the goal of my struggle and power; finally live in their own home but heavy, in the face of difficulties we did not collapse down; with late children with lightning lightning experience. Fortunately, everything has been passed, the test of life in front of love is not worth mentioning, parents love, husband and wife love, children’s love, brotherhood … … I was completely locked off the “confinement”, happiness will I play “Unsuccessful”, and you set up the emotional ark into the strange off-site – a high-rise building in a warm little home, lovely children pen and pen book in the bright light, honest and honest husband and we for the apron Bar, love to pay you rarely use language, bright platinum Custom Name Necklace
in your hands to take, ordinary life you can always get rid of happy fire. In order to thank you for your deep love and pay for the family silently, especially to write a few words, as a wedding anniversary gift to you.

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