The different love initial necklace

The presence of the various is full of doubts looking at each other. Then, let all the people here are stunned: a girl about twenty years old, wearing a white wedding dress, wandering, face sad ran in. In her hand also tightly grabbed a do not know how many years to buy the older silver Name Necklace.

The girl quickly rushed to the tens of meters away from her a couple of side of the side. She took out a worn silver Custom Name Necklace. The girl looked at it with tears, and looked at the front of the groom and the bride next to the sad asked: “Do you remember this initial necklace? That is my second 10 years aged birthday when you give me the fiduciary letter.You say ‘as long as it continues, your love for me will never be broken’ so these years, I have been careful to keep, are reluctant to wear, for fear of their own Which day it broke, you no longer love me … … ”

Said the little girl cautiously took the bride’s hand, with his little finger hooked the bride’s little finger burst into tears said: “This life, life and life, eternal life we ​​have to wait around each other, you say the future of a day You will be back to marry me, these are you I had promised the oath, do not you really forget it?

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