The initial necklace of life

Life is a road that does not go back, is a wrong multiple choice questions, no matter which you choose, Custom Name Necklace is how an unknown answer. But no matter which one you choose, you must also choose the regret and sadness, because we are more people to see when others are better than or inferior to us which side, would think if I had the original choice The other one will be better than it is now or worse than it is now, so we feel a lot of unhappy in life, often not our life itself is so, more is derived from the comparison of other people’s life and mode, is our habit To own a part of life or a part of life, alone and out of comparison with others.

Life of the dictionary is not assumed that the stage of life will not rehearsal, so in order to not be disturbed by life, then your only way is no matter which way to choose, on the unswervingly go, take their own way, Not to be around by others, the peak will be reversed at any time, after the storm will have a rainbow, life is a Name Necklace, regardless of fineness is good or bad, together, to embellish the bright gorgeous course, if you only won one of them, Will be in the buzzing sound scattered in life, life is an article, regardless of the length of the length of the whole to read, will be into the hearty mood, if you want to take the righteousness, will inevitably twist in the different opinions of life.

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