The necklace that made wife cry

Speaking of gifts, people are familiar with it, because people in this life, always dealing with the gift. Festivals, weddings and funerals, big things small, numerous, and some gifts, and some gifts. Gifts or light or heavy, and some carefully selected, meaning profound; some casually buy, flow in the form.

I bought his wife the first gift is married in the third year, it was a just fashionable platinum Custom Name Necklace, inlaid with a sapphire.

At that time the wife had been in my hometown, that she was dubbed “grumble like a Name Necklace,” the secluded stuffed countryside spent eight months, because she was born and I was alone lost in there. I hurried back from the field is to and this let me dreaming, worried about the love together to meet her belly upcoming new life. When I handed the necklace to his wife, she took the gift, but put it on the table, and then with her huge belly against me, holding me crying.

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