The precious bone bar necklace

He first came to Australia to film back, bought a precious fish bone Name Necklace gave her. That a grain of crystal clear beads on the beads, emitting a strands of Qin people of incense.

She was surprised to ask: “This is really made of fish bone?” So he told her: “These beads, is a very rare tropical fish bones polished; an adult fish bones, up to Polished 6 beads; and only the two men and women will be polished beads tied together, will be distributed fragrant. Fish bone bar necklace, is the love of love and fragrance. “Two lines of crystal tears, from her Eye pouring out, she was deeply touched by the front of the fish bone bar necklace. He smiled and said she was silly.

However, in the third year after marriage, he fell in love with an actress in the cast. In the actress’s strong offensive, he finally made a request to her divorce. She accepted it silently. Just as they were busy with a grand engagement ceremony, he drove in a car accident and was lying unconscious in the hospital’s intensive ward. Several times the hospital issued a notice of danger to his family, and the actress did not show up again. She was admitted to the ward, with Custom Name Necklace to take care of him carefully, for his worry, tears. He can wake up, even the doctors think it is a miracle. He saw at first glance that she was haggard. Two lines of repentance of tears, then poured out from his eyes. He said that she touched God with the truth, so that he re-come or come.

On the day of her discharge, she was about to go to the beach with him. At this point, standing on the ancient plank road, he asked: “can … … and you … … start again?” She took out the fish from the bag bar necklace, silent tear, then, she will be scattered In the palm of the beads, a grain of land to the sea. Then she said lightly: “There is a bet on the beads, the fragrance is no longer.”

Since then, he never seen her again.

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