A cheap bar necklace

The next day, Vic gone, he went to school, I had intended to leave for school today, but there are things not resolved, Tao today have to go to school, I went to the station waiting for her, would like to ask a clear, To see her that moment, her eyes are very cold, with a face to see do not look at me, I simply sold the tickets, ready to go with her, but how she would not be good to speak to me, I do not know Because I do not love me, please give me your Name Necklace back to me, I did not expect, she said also also dragged down Handed me. I retreated, disheartened and left. After leaving, I intend to go late one day, re-find a hostel, put the Custom Name Necklace, go out and play a bit! I called to Xiao Zhang, she came out, we went to the street and will come to my house, she was lying in bed watching TV, I was on the side of the head down the mood is very heavy, a belly sulk and broken a The heart of the heart! Finally, I will give my back to my bar necklace gave Zhang, she was very happy, satisfied with the eyes looked at me.

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