A Fashion Bar Necklace

One day the girl came back from her sister and said to the boy: “You see someone else’s husband gave his wife bought so many things. You did not buy anything for me. You see my brother and sister gave me a bunch of platinum Name Necklace You see what my sister has, nothing to me, and you buy it for me, buy a ring. “The boy said impatiently:” know, after the money to buy you. Girl said angrily: “When you have the money, I am afraid I can not wait for it.” The boy is angry: “After the money must give you to buy.” Girl said: “how are you so useless? I can not feed myself. “I’m really blind with you.” Boy’s face pale, angry, said: “You think I am useless, I will do something useful to you to see.” Boy And then slam the door out. The girl did not care about him, went back to sleep. She thought the boy would be back soon as before. But the boy did not come back the next day. The girl called the boy, the boy told the girl, he went to the south to do business. So come back to buy her a good Custom Name Necklace, but also to marry her. The girl was very happy.

The girl found him when the boy was not around. When the girl miss the boy, give the boy a call. The boy always said he was so busy and he would not call anymore. The girl grievances said: “You changed, you do not care about me.” The boy said: “Do not care about you, I am really busy.” Girl said it would never call him. But when she miss the boy, she’ll still call him.

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