A lost initial necklace

Broadcast attached to play three times, summer drop lost initial necklace thing, or no effect. Summer stalls bite or forget it, radio station door has just been opened, this summer is at this time to come, a somewhat old clothes, with dishes, can fall in the eyes of summer is tantamount to falling from the sky The angel. Summer fell a glimpse of the summer was clutched in the hands of the root of the chain, refused to take any image of the image of the summer fell to the summer before flying to explain the half-day, and finally let this summer that the Name Necklace is her.

Later, the summer is also thinking that this world is really the case, a lot of things are for a reason, as she and this summer met the final discourse, who can not say that God is not arranged?

Summer falls is not thought to be able to meet this summer, although she has always wanted to take a good look at this picked up the mother left her Custom Name Necklace girl, but that hands just a initial necklace to the summer falls even with people do not see , Let her even a thankful words too late to say, maybe she is not like this person and people do not like it, summer fell in the heart to think. Who would like to think that the new class teacher at night to let you do self-introduction, the summer drop looked down to see the novel head, so die to see this summer.

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