Small beauty’s fashion bar necklace

Soon, is the little beauty of the birthday, small beauty to open a grand dance, will invite a lot of people come to attend, with the taste of wine and food, by the way to pick a husband. The day finally arrived, small beautiful and dressed, wearing a V-neck black evening dress, revealing the smooth back, will be a good figure reflected in the bumps, wearing a huge Name Necklace, a look that is valuable, Huaguang Hua is said to be sent by veterans. So generous, it is estimated that only the total of China, in this L City, China always be regarded as a famous figure. In addition to the older, there have been three marriage history, but this does not affect the many beautiful women of his favor. You know, Hua total home of a brick is enough to eat their own Custom Name Necklace. It is estimated that the words of Gao Fu Shuai with China always detached only a rich word it Small handsome hands with a string of sandalwood string beads, looks like with these occasions do not take some of the sandalwood is also estimated that the handsome guy who sent, this is only a small beauty her own know. That day, magnificent lights, is how luxurious and magnificent ah, many men and beautiful women who enjoy the dance together, and the small beauty is also happy in which, really happy, like a star-like small The United States, has been deeply intoxicated, together intoxicated in this dance, her face like champagne is so clear, shiny.

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