The beautiful girl has a bar necklace

So in the healing of time, Pan Yi was slowly cheerful up, because she believes that her window will have the prince to.

The day was passing by a young businessman outside the castle, and he was thirsty and then opened the door of the castle and walked into the room and asked, “Is anyone here, someone? I want to drink saliva.

“Yes.” Pan Yi warmly came out to meet the guests of a hundred years, she brewed a cup of warm tea for him.

The businessman looked at Pan’s quiet face and the sweet smile, and she was like an angel, filled with infinite sunshine in his heart. Businessmen believe that this is love at first sight. Businessman after drinking tea from the waist and pulled out a red box, said: “I and my father are businessmen, this is a delicate bar necklace, I carry this Name Necklace¬†everyday, I hope it can wear one day I am looking for The other half of the body until today met you, I am sure you are my dream princess, you can promise me and me out of this Custom Name Necklace two of us happy life?

Pan Yi looked at the businessmen sincerely nodded promised, and she also want to marry out early, two people belong to their “fairy tale” life.

Businessmen and Pan Yi hand out of the gate of the castle, with a warm start in the distance on the road. Xia Yan collected mushrooms come back to see them away from the back, the heart is full of melancholy and longing….

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