The girl want to a initial necklace

Wait until they are together, she found that life is not as romantic as she thought. Girl found the boy is lazy Do nothing but work. Even their clothes are lazy to wash. Boys pay too little. The day is always tight. The girl said, “how did you become so lazy, before you are not so, is not that I am so good to you.

Girls are sorry how will like Custom Name Necklace.
The girl always said to the boy, “We have no money now, how will you feed your child in the future.” The boy said, “I will be rich when we have a child.

The girl said: “I knew you were so lazy, not to make money. I will not be with you.” The boy said with a smile: “You know now you can leave ah.” Girl angry said: “Do not think I Can not leave you until I really left, you regret too late. “The boy said:” afraid I can not wait that day. “Girl gas speechless. Yes ah, the girl never left the boy.

Girls are like to wear some jewelry or something, she is no exception. Like wearing a Name Necklace, like wearing a ring. The girl will spend two or two dollars in the street to buy a jewelry wearing a play. And then said to the boy: “I want a initial necklace you do not buy me.” The boy said: “You do not buy it?” The girl said angrily: “I mean gold!

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