The silver initial necklace

Go on! Go on!

That silver initial necklace, You do not take my soul

Also can not catch my faith,my love.

– that golden love

Leaving me only lazy people! Even if she is in the distance,I miss every night!

Go on! Go on!

That silver Name Necklace,Let it lock my past thoughts,Forever sink into the sea I yearn for and never seen!

Go on! Go on!

That silence of the beach.Silver Custom Name Necklace,You are not alive for me,

I am not alive for you,But I do not want to be tortured by you,That the soul can not withstand your blizzard!

Today, I would like to indulge myself,Unlock, bind my free and happy yoke,Do not anyone give me the freedom to be free?

Go on! Go on!

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